Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pan and Tilt Professional Style

Okay, so we have all seen them, and wish we could get some practice time on a geared head.
Well now you can! The Worral Geared head is now available in thePTPS eq. room for free practice sessions and with time and some practice you can operate with style, and upgrade that day rate.
Super smooth, super cool and another skill for your bag of tricks.
A great tool for that next feature. Impress your clients and be the envy of the other DP's.
Come on in and put some time in, and see whats new this month at PTPS.
Thanks to Mark Loring for the video with our new head and tilt plate, and yes.....
the Red camera is available too!
Handles up to 170 lbs. so even Panavision cameras are okay.......
Come on, you know ya want to try it, so stop on in. a give it a whirl.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Just in !PDWF1600 Sony Professional Disc Recorder

Wow, We love the Sony XD camera format. Paired with our New PDW-800 you have a winning combination.
The PDW-F1600 is a compact HD recorder which provides outstanding picture quality of MPEG HD422 as well as an eight-channel (HD-SDI), 24-bit audio recording capability. The foundation of the PDW-F1600 deck incorporates the features of the PDW-HD1500, and acts as more than just file-based recording deck. With its insert/assemble editing capability, it can be used as a recorder in a linear editing system - just like a conventional VTR. 23.98P and SD legacy formats are supported as standard. What's unique about this deck is its ability to operate on AC, DC or power. With its large 4.3-inch* LCD and built-in speaker, it performs as a versatile and high-quality recorder which is suitable for both in-house and field operations. It comes equipped with a multi-format up/down converter, which is highly useful when employing both HD- and SD-format materials at the same time. *Measured diagonally.

Contact Ben or AJ for more details

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standalone audio for transcription, Red Camera

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder:

The H4n is a versatile 4 track mp3/WAV recorder with built in stereo mic. Its perfect for use as a digital backup/reference on ENG shoots, live events, audio transcribing, music events, and more. The built in mic has both 90 degree and 120 degree settings depending on your subject matter, as well as an external mic input and line inputs. The data is stored on an SD or SDHC card and with 20 different compression ratios you can choose what works best for your project. The H4n is indeed a handy little recorder and will prove to be a handy asset for any shoot.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Round and Round she goes

PTPS Motorized turntable kits are available in large and small configurations.
Our large turntable is towable, a mere 24" high and holds a baby grand
Our smallest, a diamond ring or other with the slowest smoothest speed imaginable!
For more info, contact Tim Carroll.
Heres the specs:

Large 8 foot turntable

Towable 1 3/4 “ ball

120 VAC, reversible, ON/Off control

Speeds .10 RPM ( One RPM every 6 minutes) thru 10 RPM

Tested Weight-1250 Lbs 568 Kgs

Small Turntable Kit

120 VAC, reversible, ON/Off control

Multiple turntable sizes,

Speeds .5 RPM thru 10 RPM

Large base 10”

Small Base 3”

Wooden platter

1/2”- 3”,6”,9” Extensions,

1/2 “ variable offset plate

1/2” tri-sectionalized, articulated arm to 3/8” screw

1/2" Clear 3", 9", 12" extensions

1/4”- 3”, 6”, 9” extemsions

1/4” 45 degree offset plate

8.5” x 9”, 12” Tube risers

30” milk glass round,

10” wood platter,

3”,6” black plastic round

2,4,5,6,8,10 clear round base

Tested Weight 40 Lbs 18Kgs

New Sony PDW-F800 available

PTPS is proud to announce the PDW-F800 camcorder. It offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard – including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode. The PDW-F800 camcorder builds on the features of the PDW-700 camcorder. Enhanced functions, such as Slow & Quick Motion (over-crank and under-crank recording), make the PDW-F800 ideal for cinema and TV drama productions, as well as ENG applications

This camera is a favored by DP's with its easy to use and familiar functionality, full camera size and top of the line imagery.

Pair it with the Pro 35 adapter and our prime lens set for a Cinematic look that cant be beat.

Call AJ at 503.445.7877 for more details.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nine Light- New Light

As you may know we have received a 9-Light Maxi Brute. Each bulb is controllable with Med Flood, 1,000 watt Par 64s. This head takes 100 Amp bates for power and is best used on a Crankovator stand. We have landed on a day rate of $125, distro and stand not included. We do have spare bulbs as 1 should go out with it if it happens to leave property for rental. This light is very versatile since you can use it anywhere from a 1k-9k and is great for a large group key light with a soft good in front.

Picture This was privileged to be a part of the Scion Garage Fest Music Festival. 40 bands were invited to play at four different venues in downtown Portland. We provided the production team with 14 Hi Def Cameras and enough P2 cards to capture the entire event, as well as all grip and lighting for seven interview suites. We were responsible for overseeing the four track audio recording of each band's interview and 24 track recordings for each act to play in each of the four venues. This was a major logistical coup. We were able to put together 8 multitrack systems and live recording engineers, as well as coordinate crew and systems to be in place and ready to roll in time for each segment of the production.

On Friday, October 19th, we set four four-track systems, wireless lavs, cameras and lighting into four suites on the top floor of one of Portland's fine hotels. We worked hand in hand with the production team to shoot and record ten hours of high paced, back to back band interviews. The bands were from all over the country from Miami to Chicago and LA, and even from across the pond.

On day two, Oct 17th, the real fun began. We all met up downtown early in the morning at 5th and Couch where we moved our interviews to three mobile homes that had been rented for the event. The quarters were very close with lights placed inside cupboards and technicians setup on the beds or standing at the kitchenette's sink. The RVs were located right on the MAX lines, so audio was a major concern. Four band members, two cam ops, one sound recordist, a director, and the person conducting the interviews all squeezed into the RV for an hour. Oh, did I mention that it was raining! While that was going on, the live recording crews set up 24 track recording rigs at the four bars while the bands started rolling in. Music was happening all over downtown from about 2pm until 2am.

It was a great event and everything went off perfectly. It was exciting to be called upon to do something so unique and challenging and to really pull it off. Picture This is proud to have been a part of such an incredible opportunity.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Summer Features:

It's been a feature filled summer at Picture This. August brought "Train Master 2" a locally funded and crewed sequel to a film shot in 07'. PTPS was the vendor of choice for both grip and camera department. The film traveled to many rustic locations in the portland and SW Washington area. The equipment room provided multiple EX cameras, monitors, HD POV camera, jib, and the ever popular steadicam flyer. The grip department provided the 3-Ton grip truck fully loaded with a tungsten and HMI packages, dolly's and distribution.

September brought an independent feature produced by a local company "Exterior Films". The untitled drama will be shooting in the portland area and Picture This gear will be there. The Grip truck with full tungsten package will be on site. The EQ Room is providing the RED one and full Prime lens package for the durration of the film. PTPS has been working along side these films supporting them along the way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture This Bejing Office Staying Busy

Xie xie. Thank you for thinking of Picture This for your production needs in China. We’ve been offering production services in China for the past several years through our Bejing office, also known as Jing Xian. Our office abroad provides crew and equipment, reducing the need for journalist visas and traveling with large camera equipment, both of which can create quite a hassle. With our local crew and equipment, we’re able make the production process in that country much easier to accomplish.

Over the past month, Jing Xian has been staying busy with a variety of productions. Recently, the producer of a Korean War documentary contacted Picture This to help him capture interviews from Chinese war veterans. Our Bejing based crew provided field producing, translation services, photography, lighting, audio, and transportation through both the cities of Bejing and Nanjing for the shoot. Equipment included a Sony EX1 camera package, audio kit and lighting kit. The client was very happy with the quality of service commenting, “[The DP] is taking extreme measures to light rooms well and capture pristine moments. [The fixer] seems to be helping me keep the costs down to remain within budget.”

Most recently, we completed a green screen shoot for another Portland based client. While we have a range of cameras to choose from, including the Sony Z1U, Panasonic HDX900, Sony F900 and more, this client also chose to shoot with the Sony EX1 camera. Again, we provided the crew and equipment for photography, lighting and audio services.

We continue to receive inquiries about our services in China and are happy to accommodate. Next time you need to shoot in China, think of Picture This and our Bejing office Jing Xian!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Legislation Helps to Increase Film Jobs and Revenue

Visiting Salem, writing our legislators, making our voices heard, it's all paid off. Governor Kulongoski signed into law yesterday a bill that expands the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF). Oregon’s legislature passed SB621 which increases the maximum amount of tax credits made available to fund the program from $5 million to $7.5 million per year. By passing SB 621 into law, Oregon’s film and TV industry is sure to continue its record growth. Oregon has already secured enough projects in 2009 to make this year the best year for Oregon’s film and Television industry in over fifteen years. The Governor said, “Oregon’s film and video industry is a bright light in Oregon’s economy. When projects are produced here in Oregon, it means family wage jobs for local residents, and substantial revenue for local, small businesses. By signing this bill into law, I expect that we’ll see more growth, more employment, and more revenue for our state.”

A rising tide lifts all boats and we're excited that the House, the Senate and the Governor saw the value in this bill. We look forward to increased production in Oregon!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Picture This Production Services Sponsors the American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Cancer is a disease that has touched all of us - whether it be a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor or even our own bodies. In an effort to help fight back against the disease, Picture This Production Services sponsored this year's SW Neighborhoods Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The Relay is a 24 hour event where teams of 8-15 people have at least one member of their team walking the track all day and all night. This effort signifies the fact that cancer is a disease that never sleeps and we won't rest until we find a cure.

Picture This provided all the AV equipment so that all of the event's speakers, bands and night long movie needs were taken care of. "Picture This really increased the production value of our event. We're grateful for their support of such a great cause!" said event chair Lisa Cicala. Picture This also formed a team for the event, raised money and shot some footage thanks to teammates Will Walle and Travis Buffington. Video will be posted soon.

To learn more about the event, visit Photos courtesy of Naoko Anderson.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New POV Me--Reversing/ Inverting camera & mounting system

Check out this HD micro camera rig, that provides reverse angle POV, using a talent based mounting harness.
This camera rig is easily invertible, or makes for a very interesting side or over the shoulder mount.Come on in, strap it on, and check it out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My, what a busy month

Picture This has had a busy month so far with a number of productions, live events, new equipment and sound stage rentals. As tends to happen in the Portland summers, production picked up starting June 1. Right on schedule. The influx of projects has included work with the Wii, Michael Jordan, Microsoft's Zune, and even a project entitled "Poop." Talk about variety!

The Live Event Department has been busy with fundraisers, webcasts, meetings and corporate events.

Our equipment inventory has grown to include the Sony PDW-700 XDCAM, an HD lipstick camera (the Sony HXR-MC1), an on location distribution center, a remote tripod head and a beautiful Panasonic 27" HD monitor that works perfectly with our HD switching system.

The stage has been rented for a number of projects including a commercial shoot, still photo shoot, webcast and talk show scenario.

All this, and there's still one more week of June to go!

Of course, we work hard at Picture This, but we also like to play. We kick started the summer with an outdoor BBQ. Who doesn't love having the chance to kick back and relax on a sunny afternoon with your co-workers? We hope to do it again sometime soon. In the meantime, it's back to work. And we appreciate every bit of it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Chip on the Block

Wow, what a easy to use camera. Everything just where you expect it to be, like a Sony should be. Easy playback and functionality. 30 second pre-record, intervalometer, and a nice piece of glass hanging on the front.

The PDW-700 camcorder comes equipped with three 2/3-inch type CCDs – a newly developed “Power HAD FX” progressive CCD with 1920 x 1080 effective pixels. Stunning-quality HD images can be captured by this high-resolution CCD in conjunction with the 14-bit A/D converter and advanced digital signal. On top of the exceptional technology, the PDW-700 offers very high quality HD recording at a data rate of up to 50Mbps using the MPEG-2 4:2:2P@HL compression. It also provides multi-format recording flexibility including 1080i, 720P and SD*, which comes with HD/SD conversion and cross conversion between 1080i and 720P

Monday, June 1, 2009

Location. Location. Location

 "Help you said, Im shooting on location and only have access to a stove drop."
Cool your jets- tiger, the 240/120 VAC Extreme box  gives you 80 amps of 120 juice and a little extra juice to spare.
Plugs into a standard stove drop, makes you nicely secure for ground interfacing, and your very own circut breakers at the flip of a switch!
Power, Safety and production Nirvana.

Now just how many lights can you run on this light-weight Bad Boy?
How about 2-1200 HMIs, 1 800-HMi, 1 -400HMI 
2-4x4 Kinos, 2-2x4 Kinos and 2-2x2 kinos.
thats alotta light!!!

Letting the Gennie out of the bottle

Summer's here and the location shooting is underway. 
We have put together an awesome smaller Gennie package for location use, that pairs nicely with our location distro system.
Not only do you have great stable power, but its also  45 feet away from you GPI distro source. Quieter sets, happier sound people!

A Honda 7000 watt Generator with this system allows you to power up all these lights, making daylight your friend again!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lights, camera, lipstick

Okay check it out, here is the new Sony AVCHD 1080 camera with remote monitor, start/stop, zoom and more. Totally manual or totally auto, this camera mounts to handlebars, skiboots, polevault goalposts and much much more. Records to Digital removable memory. 
This is the HD lipstick you have been waiting for. 
, Still, 1080i and 480I shooting modes. 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, Component, HDMI outputs. Duostick Pro recording on 2 8 Gb cards for 2 hours recording time.
This is the camera that goes places that other dare not.
So just take a deep breath and try to relax........

Friday, May 22, 2009

In case you missed out, Picture This held three events that showcased our arsenal of equipment and services.  In February, Picture This built a state of the art exhibition booth for the Travel Portland Visitors Industry Trade Show held at the Convention Center.  Our display showcased live event structures, designs, A/V solutions and a looped demo reel  showing our quality of work.  

In March, Picture This hosted a “Cameras in Motion Seminar” featuring Jibs, Steadicams and dolly equipment.  Each piece of equipment was demonstrated by trained operators who taught setup, function and application.   

April was the perfect time for Picture This to put on an event on our stage that featured our live event services.  This was quite a show in itself with several high-tech displays using lighting, projection and effects.  Talk about a well lit stage.  The show was extended for two additional days to accommodate our guests schedules.  

Whether we’re promoting our services and equipment or providing educational training,  these events are for those who want to see new technology and broaden their skills, attendees learn how to add color, style and unique motion to their productions.  Not to mention it’s fun, there’s food, and it’s free!


Picture This would like to do a “shout out” to those who participated in these events, The PTPS Crew, Randy Sellars, Burk Webb, Rick Seaman, Gearhead and Indigo Design.  

As for May we’re “chillin”, but stay tuned for the next invitation (hint: greenscreens and backdrops).

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Augmented Reality Mind Blow

So this is the coolest thing since Web cameras came along.

It's Augmented Reality. The combination of your webcamera and Flash Technology to provide a new interactive online experience.

GE has a great demo at:
You will need flash 10 installed and an active webcamera for your computer.
You will print a target which you present to camera for 3-d spatial orientation.
Check out the Utube video at :

Topps baseball cards is using this technology for 3-d interactive Baseball cards
Check it out at:

Imagine, targets printed on street signs, that you shoot with your iPhone for interactive street maps. Targets on packaging so you can see exactly what's inside of the box. Imagine the uses in interactive gaming and surgical training......

This is worth the time to check it out.
Truly a gamechanger-

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the bag!

Events that are in the Bag:

We just pulled off our incredible Live Events Demonstration. It was a great success. We showed off many of the exciting things that only PTPS can do. We really pulled out the "Big Guns" with HD Cameras, Switching and Projection, Holo-Displays, Multi screen, multi source imagery, and loads more. Intelligent lighting and stagecraft rounded out our  the showcase of our special skills and talented Crew. 
Thanks to all who attended and especially to those who put in the extra effort to put it all together so well. Look for more pictures and video clips from the event!
Before that, we had a slam dunk webcast shoot from our stage and a Charity Auction held at Montgomery Park benefiting one of our Portland schools. Intel always keeps us Busy and the rentals just keep coming.

With building sets, running high profile shows, planning for our HUGE upcoming shows in Phoenix, Chicago, and Whistler BC, as well as running the day to day operations of a fast paced business, we have hardly had a chance to blink. In spite of this, we have had a chance to put in some time pulling our shop back into "Show Ready" condition.
This week, the Live Events crew, Martin, Tony and Josh, will Be attending a video tech training program We are excited to learn more about the world of video.  Switchers, Scaling, Cameras Decks and more! We are constantly striving to improve our technical chops and increase the breadth and depth of our field of knowledge. 
Remember: Anybody can buy the gear, It's the people running it that make all the difference!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Event/ Production Fusion

The fusion of live Events and Video production moves closer all the time, with media production and Imag playing upon multiple screens on venue. Intelligent lighting, truss and projectors, multi source HD media playbacks are showing up on more and more on todays production sets. 

And with the fusion, comes solutions.....

Picture This Live Events open house showcased our exciting in-house technologies including HD projection surfaces with 16:9 screens and projectors.

Prompting displays with switchable pits, in-podium displays and presidential prompting systems allow spot on presentations.

 Multiple switched HD camera feeds with cat 5 transcoding, HD switchers and scaling packages. Plasma monitor displays in multiple sizes and orientations.

 Watchout display systems allow projection of imagery on any size and orientation of screens, including ball-spheres and 360 degree wraparound screen  surfaces. See why Watchout is the choice of many major Event production companies.

Set design, pre-visualization services mean no surprise for clients or on site setups.  Pre-Vis means never having to say - Whoops!

Intelligent lighting , truss and electric motors, and portable dimming systems all play a role in making your event or program more memorable.

Contact Josh for more information on PTPS  Live Event Technologies.

Our Quality Shows.......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Authorization Fee lowered to 1%

For those of you who have rented from us in the past and have been charged a credit card authorization fee, you'll be happy to know that the fee has been lowered. Picture This offers a credit card authorization option to those who are renting gear valued at less than $5000 and who don't have production insurance. We've worked hard to find a new vendor so that we can now lower the charge for that service from 3% to 1%. That means you'll never pay more than $50! We're happy to be able offer the most cost effective options to our renters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Its Exterior Time! HMI / Gennie Packages

Summer is coming and that means its time to move outdoors and shoot the beauty of the Northwest.
Almost every location can use a little daylight, and there is nothing to help fight the sun like HMI's........
 So here come the deals.

HMI lighting in the field is easier than ever with the Honda EU2000 whisper quiet generator and a 1200 PAR HMI.  Now available in the Equipment Room is the Honda EU2000 120V, 60Hz, 13.3 amp.  With a 1600W rated capacity and overall capacity of 2000W, this little generator can power a lot. This guy is only $100 a day with a full tank of fuel. Couple that with our budget conscious $75 a day 1200W PAR HMI, and you've got an amazing portable lighting package at $175 a day.

Need something Larger? How about the Honda 7000 watt Generator. (175.00 Per day + fuel)
 It will power 4 HMI 1200 (300 Per day for all 4)

We also carry 200, 400, 800, 2500, and 4K HMI Lighting units.
Bron SunGuns  also available

Friday, April 10, 2009

Live Events Showcase April 15

You're Invited!

Picture This Production Services will be holding a demonstration on Wednesday, April 15. We will be showing off some of our Live Events and Meetings technical solutions and a variety of available services and equipment rental options. We will be pulling out all the stops and putting on a bit of a show to demonstrate some of the many options event teams have when satisfying clients' needs. See cutting edge concepts in lighting, portable dimming, Super High Definition playback technologies to massive screens, High Definition Images and scalable imagery, Truss, Cat 5 cabling systems, Webcasting, Surround sound, theatrical lighting, Hi Def Projection, Plasma Screens, Teleprompting, Videotaping & Editing Services, Mulit-Screen & Multi-Sourced Events, Stage Design and other exciting technologies.

Please come by between 11am and 2pm on the 15th to learn more about how we can support your upcoming events.

Picture This Production Services
2223 NE Oregon St.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Webcasting Wonders

Picture This designed a webcast for a Fortune 500 client. Shot in our studios, these 30 minute marketing updates are part of a quarterly internal communication.

Webcasting adds value to corporate communications in a year where meeting travel budgets have been reduced or eliminated  at every company. 

 A hosted chat interface, allows audience interactivity by either e-mail or phone tie-in.

Companies see value in this for audiences sizes as small as 25 people up to several thousand.

Picture This offers, Hosting, Archiving and Viewership reporting services.

Call Perry to see how  webcasting help your company get the message out....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lighting the fuse

I feel like i am in the calm before the storm. The summer rush is about to blow up, economy be damned, there are events to be put on. Right now I'm scrambling to get some of our new gear up to speed to be ready for it, prepping for an auction this weekend, and looking forward to a large dog and pony show on our stage, April 15th. We will be showing off many of our capabilities and equipment that we have to offer the hotels, convention planners, and any other like minded productioneers. If you feel like you might like to attend such a thing, please call me at 503-235-3456.

See you later.


Industry Day 2009

On Tuesday, March 17, Picture This joined other industry professionals at the State Capital for Industry Day. In an effort to garner support for SB621, we helped make the Oregon Film and Media industry visible to our legislators. SB621 increases the Production Investment Fund so that more films will come to Oregon. There was a great turnout and eye-catching displays to showcase the job creation that occurs when films are made in Oregon.

If you work in the industry, find out who your legislator is at and send them an email, letter or phone call. Let them know how important their support is to your livelihood. The bill is currently in committee. As a constituent, we need you to contact your legislator and make you voice heard!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Stage Madness

March was an interesting month on the stage. With everything from sound checks for a nationwide Band tour, to car parts shoots. We hosted workshops, still photogs and educators!
We even found time to replace part of our stage roof, that seemed to want to pass a little rain thru to our floor....

Bam, Pow , Socko!!

Picture this worked to promote the Boxing/Sport Fight series at the Spirit Mountain Casino. We provided Still Photography, Video coverage of the Event and Weigh-ins.
 It was a smashing success!

Jib Nation

Big Jibs, Little Jibs, every where a Jib Jib.
Losmondy Porta jibs and HDV jibs with remotes  were demonstrated by ER manager AJ McClary

Will Wahl, our new ER Technician at Picture This works with the fast and easy overhead.
these Dollies can be run inverted as shown or run  like a standard dolly. 
Easily set by a crew of 2, in less than 3 minutes,  this dolly makes mini moves, (up to 10 ft)
Require 2 combo stands for uneven flooring surfaces.

Steadicams and Glidecams

Glidecam 4000 and Steadicam Flyer were presented and available thru Picture This.
Glidecam, up to 10 Lbs. payload with dual arm
Steadicam up to 15 Lbs.

MIni Workshop Photos

The "Cameras In Motion" Dolly workshop
DP Randy Sellars intsructing.
Floorboard, doorway, Track, curved track, mini dollies and overheads........
The Picture This " Cameras in Motion" workshop was a well attended event at the Stage.
Add motion to any shot adds exciting motion to any sequence and helps to eat screen time, thus minimizing b roll.  

Attendees were shown techniques in Steadicam and Glidecam with the benefits of each system. Thanks to Pro Video and Tape and Intel Studios for the extra demo units. Everyone got to "fly" a rig. 

 Losmondy jibs and mini jibs were demoed with a variety of cameras. Booming features and blocking for jibs shots were discussed. AJ instructed on setups, leveling and features.

DP Randy Sellars taught the best attended workshop on Dollies and overhead mini dollies.
Many thanks.

Call Tim or AJ at PT for more information on adding motion to your next production.

Stay tuned for info on our next mini workshop.
Light for Black and White Limbo and Greeenscreens!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the new Picture This blog spot.
Here we will be posting updates on new equipment, techniques workshops and updates on all the exciting things that happen at Picture This. Feel free to join in on the thread with comments and suggestions.
As always we can be reached at 503.235.3456 for voice.