Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Standalone audio for transcription, Red Camera

Zoom H4n Handy Recorder:

The H4n is a versatile 4 track mp3/WAV recorder with built in stereo mic. Its perfect for use as a digital backup/reference on ENG shoots, live events, audio transcribing, music events, and more. The built in mic has both 90 degree and 120 degree settings depending on your subject matter, as well as an external mic input and line inputs. The data is stored on an SD or SDHC card and with 20 different compression ratios you can choose what works best for your project. The H4n is indeed a handy little recorder and will prove to be a handy asset for any shoot.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Round and Round she goes

PTPS Motorized turntable kits are available in large and small configurations.
Our large turntable is towable, a mere 24" high and holds a baby grand
Our smallest, a diamond ring or other with the slowest smoothest speed imaginable!
For more info, contact Tim Carroll.
Heres the specs:

Large 8 foot turntable

Towable 1 3/4 “ ball

120 VAC, reversible, ON/Off control

Speeds .10 RPM ( One RPM every 6 minutes) thru 10 RPM

Tested Weight-1250 Lbs 568 Kgs

Small Turntable Kit

120 VAC, reversible, ON/Off control

Multiple turntable sizes,

Speeds .5 RPM thru 10 RPM

Large base 10”

Small Base 3”

Wooden platter

1/2”- 3”,6”,9” Extensions,

1/2 “ variable offset plate

1/2” tri-sectionalized, articulated arm to 3/8” screw

1/2" Clear 3", 9", 12" extensions

1/4”- 3”, 6”, 9” extemsions

1/4” 45 degree offset plate

8.5” x 9”, 12” Tube risers

30” milk glass round,

10” wood platter,

3”,6” black plastic round

2,4,5,6,8,10 clear round base

Tested Weight 40 Lbs 18Kgs

New Sony PDW-F800 available

PTPS is proud to announce the PDW-F800 camcorder. It offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard – including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode. The PDW-F800 camcorder builds on the features of the PDW-700 camcorder. Enhanced functions, such as Slow & Quick Motion (over-crank and under-crank recording), make the PDW-F800 ideal for cinema and TV drama productions, as well as ENG applications

This camera is a favored by DP's with its easy to use and familiar functionality, full camera size and top of the line imagery.

Pair it with the Pro 35 adapter and our prime lens set for a Cinematic look that cant be beat.

Call AJ at 503.445.7877 for more details.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nine Light- New Light

As you may know we have received a 9-Light Maxi Brute. Each bulb is controllable with Med Flood, 1,000 watt Par 64s. This head takes 100 Amp bates for power and is best used on a Crankovator stand. We have landed on a day rate of $125, distro and stand not included. We do have spare bulbs as 1 should go out with it if it happens to leave property for rental. This light is very versatile since you can use it anywhere from a 1k-9k and is great for a large group key light with a soft good in front.

Picture This was privileged to be a part of the Scion Garage Fest Music Festival. 40 bands were invited to play at four different venues in downtown Portland. We provided the production team with 14 Hi Def Cameras and enough P2 cards to capture the entire event, as well as all grip and lighting for seven interview suites. We were responsible for overseeing the four track audio recording of each band's interview and 24 track recordings for each act to play in each of the four venues. This was a major logistical coup. We were able to put together 8 multitrack systems and live recording engineers, as well as coordinate crew and systems to be in place and ready to roll in time for each segment of the production.

On Friday, October 19th, we set four four-track systems, wireless lavs, cameras and lighting into four suites on the top floor of one of Portland's fine hotels. We worked hand in hand with the production team to shoot and record ten hours of high paced, back to back band interviews. The bands were from all over the country from Miami to Chicago and LA, and even from across the pond.

On day two, Oct 17th, the real fun began. We all met up downtown early in the morning at 5th and Couch where we moved our interviews to three mobile homes that had been rented for the event. The quarters were very close with lights placed inside cupboards and technicians setup on the beds or standing at the kitchenette's sink. The RVs were located right on the MAX lines, so audio was a major concern. Four band members, two cam ops, one sound recordist, a director, and the person conducting the interviews all squeezed into the RV for an hour. Oh, did I mention that it was raining! While that was going on, the live recording crews set up 24 track recording rigs at the four bars while the bands started rolling in. Music was happening all over downtown from about 2pm until 2am.

It was a great event and everything went off perfectly. It was exciting to be called upon to do something so unique and challenging and to really pull it off. Picture This is proud to have been a part of such an incredible opportunity.