Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Augmented Reality Mind Blow

So this is the coolest thing since Web cameras came along.

It's Augmented Reality. The combination of your webcamera and Flash Technology to provide a new interactive online experience.

GE has a great demo at:
You will need flash 10 installed and an active webcamera for your computer.
You will print a target which you present to camera for 3-d spatial orientation.
Check out the Utube video at :

Topps baseball cards is using this technology for 3-d interactive Baseball cards
Check it out at:

Imagine, targets printed on street signs, that you shoot with your iPhone for interactive street maps. Targets on packaging so you can see exactly what's inside of the box. Imagine the uses in interactive gaming and surgical training......

This is worth the time to check it out.
Truly a gamechanger-

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the bag!

Events that are in the Bag:

We just pulled off our incredible Live Events Demonstration. It was a great success. We showed off many of the exciting things that only PTPS can do. We really pulled out the "Big Guns" with HD Cameras, Switching and Projection, Holo-Displays, Multi screen, multi source imagery, and loads more. Intelligent lighting and stagecraft rounded out our  the showcase of our special skills and talented Crew. 
Thanks to all who attended and especially to those who put in the extra effort to put it all together so well. Look for more pictures and video clips from the event!
Before that, we had a slam dunk webcast shoot from our stage and a Charity Auction held at Montgomery Park benefiting one of our Portland schools. Intel always keeps us Busy and the rentals just keep coming.

With building sets, running high profile shows, planning for our HUGE upcoming shows in Phoenix, Chicago, and Whistler BC, as well as running the day to day operations of a fast paced business, we have hardly had a chance to blink. In spite of this, we have had a chance to put in some time pulling our shop back into "Show Ready" condition.
This week, the Live Events crew, Martin, Tony and Josh, will Be attending a video tech training program We are excited to learn more about the world of video.  Switchers, Scaling, Cameras Decks and more! We are constantly striving to improve our technical chops and increase the breadth and depth of our field of knowledge. 
Remember: Anybody can buy the gear, It's the people running it that make all the difference!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Event/ Production Fusion

The fusion of live Events and Video production moves closer all the time, with media production and Imag playing upon multiple screens on venue. Intelligent lighting, truss and projectors, multi source HD media playbacks are showing up on more and more on todays production sets. 

And with the fusion, comes solutions.....

Picture This Live Events open house showcased our exciting in-house technologies including HD projection surfaces with 16:9 screens and projectors.

Prompting displays with switchable pits, in-podium displays and presidential prompting systems allow spot on presentations.

 Multiple switched HD camera feeds with cat 5 transcoding, HD switchers and scaling packages. Plasma monitor displays in multiple sizes and orientations.

 Watchout display systems allow projection of imagery on any size and orientation of screens, including ball-spheres and 360 degree wraparound screen  surfaces. See why Watchout is the choice of many major Event production companies.

Set design, pre-visualization services mean no surprise for clients or on site setups.  Pre-Vis means never having to say - Whoops!

Intelligent lighting , truss and electric motors, and portable dimming systems all play a role in making your event or program more memorable.

Contact Josh for more information on PTPS  Live Event Technologies.

Our Quality Shows.......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Authorization Fee lowered to 1%

For those of you who have rented from us in the past and have been charged a credit card authorization fee, you'll be happy to know that the fee has been lowered. Picture This offers a credit card authorization option to those who are renting gear valued at less than $5000 and who don't have production insurance. We've worked hard to find a new vendor so that we can now lower the charge for that service from 3% to 1%. That means you'll never pay more than $50! We're happy to be able offer the most cost effective options to our renters.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Its Exterior Time! HMI / Gennie Packages

Summer is coming and that means its time to move outdoors and shoot the beauty of the Northwest.
Almost every location can use a little daylight, and there is nothing to help fight the sun like HMI's........
 So here come the deals.

HMI lighting in the field is easier than ever with the Honda EU2000 whisper quiet generator and a 1200 PAR HMI.  Now available in the Equipment Room is the Honda EU2000 120V, 60Hz, 13.3 amp.  With a 1600W rated capacity and overall capacity of 2000W, this little generator can power a lot. This guy is only $100 a day with a full tank of fuel. Couple that with our budget conscious $75 a day 1200W PAR HMI, and you've got an amazing portable lighting package at $175 a day.

Need something Larger? How about the Honda 7000 watt Generator. (175.00 Per day + fuel)
 It will power 4 HMI 1200 (300 Per day for all 4)

We also carry 200, 400, 800, 2500, and 4K HMI Lighting units.
Bron SunGuns  also available

Friday, April 10, 2009

Live Events Showcase April 15

You're Invited!

Picture This Production Services will be holding a demonstration on Wednesday, April 15. We will be showing off some of our Live Events and Meetings technical solutions and a variety of available services and equipment rental options. We will be pulling out all the stops and putting on a bit of a show to demonstrate some of the many options event teams have when satisfying clients' needs. See cutting edge concepts in lighting, portable dimming, Super High Definition playback technologies to massive screens, High Definition Images and scalable imagery, Truss, Cat 5 cabling systems, Webcasting, Surround sound, theatrical lighting, Hi Def Projection, Plasma Screens, Teleprompting, Videotaping & Editing Services, Mulit-Screen & Multi-Sourced Events, Stage Design and other exciting technologies.

Please come by between 11am and 2pm on the 15th to learn more about how we can support your upcoming events.

Picture This Production Services
2223 NE Oregon St.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Webcasting Wonders

Picture This designed a webcast for a Fortune 500 client. Shot in our studios, these 30 minute marketing updates are part of a quarterly internal communication.

Webcasting adds value to corporate communications in a year where meeting travel budgets have been reduced or eliminated  at every company. 

 A hosted chat interface, allows audience interactivity by either e-mail or phone tie-in.

Companies see value in this for audiences sizes as small as 25 people up to several thousand.

Picture This offers, Hosting, Archiving and Viewership reporting services.

Call Perry to see how  webcasting help your company get the message out....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lighting the fuse

I feel like i am in the calm before the storm. The summer rush is about to blow up, economy be damned, there are events to be put on. Right now I'm scrambling to get some of our new gear up to speed to be ready for it, prepping for an auction this weekend, and looking forward to a large dog and pony show on our stage, April 15th. We will be showing off many of our capabilities and equipment that we have to offer the hotels, convention planners, and any other like minded productioneers. If you feel like you might like to attend such a thing, please call me at 503-235-3456.

See you later.


Industry Day 2009

On Tuesday, March 17, Picture This joined other industry professionals at the State Capital for Industry Day. In an effort to garner support for SB621, we helped make the Oregon Film and Media industry visible to our legislators. SB621 increases the Production Investment Fund so that more films will come to Oregon. There was a great turnout and eye-catching displays to showcase the job creation that occurs when films are made in Oregon.

If you work in the industry, find out who your legislator is at and send them an email, letter or phone call. Let them know how important their support is to your livelihood. The bill is currently in committee. As a constituent, we need you to contact your legislator and make you voice heard!