Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Stage Madness

March was an interesting month on the stage. With everything from sound checks for a nationwide Band tour, to car parts shoots. We hosted workshops, still photogs and educators!
We even found time to replace part of our stage roof, that seemed to want to pass a little rain thru to our floor....

Bam, Pow , Socko!!

Picture this worked to promote the Boxing/Sport Fight series at the Spirit Mountain Casino. We provided Still Photography, Video coverage of the Event and Weigh-ins.
 It was a smashing success!

Jib Nation

Big Jibs, Little Jibs, every where a Jib Jib.
Losmondy Porta jibs and HDV jibs with remotes  were demonstrated by ER manager AJ McClary

Will Wahl, our new ER Technician at Picture This works with the fast and easy overhead.
these Dollies can be run inverted as shown or run  like a standard dolly. 
Easily set by a crew of 2, in less than 3 minutes,  this dolly makes mini moves, (up to 10 ft)
Require 2 combo stands for uneven flooring surfaces.

Steadicams and Glidecams

Glidecam 4000 and Steadicam Flyer were presented and available thru Picture This.
Glidecam, up to 10 Lbs. payload with dual arm
Steadicam up to 15 Lbs.

MIni Workshop Photos

The "Cameras In Motion" Dolly workshop
DP Randy Sellars intsructing.
Floorboard, doorway, Track, curved track, mini dollies and overheads........
The Picture This " Cameras in Motion" workshop was a well attended event at the Stage.
Add motion to any shot adds exciting motion to any sequence and helps to eat screen time, thus minimizing b roll.  

Attendees were shown techniques in Steadicam and Glidecam with the benefits of each system. Thanks to Pro Video and Tape and Intel Studios for the extra demo units. Everyone got to "fly" a rig. 

 Losmondy jibs and mini jibs were demoed with a variety of cameras. Booming features and blocking for jibs shots were discussed. AJ instructed on setups, leveling and features.

DP Randy Sellars taught the best attended workshop on Dollies and overhead mini dollies.
Many thanks.

Call Tim or AJ at PT for more information on adding motion to your next production.

Stay tuned for info on our next mini workshop.
Light for Black and White Limbo and Greeenscreens!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the new Picture This blog spot.
Here we will be posting updates on new equipment, techniques workshops and updates on all the exciting things that happen at Picture This. Feel free to join in on the thread with comments and suggestions.
As always we can be reached at 503.235.3456 for voice.