Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture This Bejing Office Staying Busy

Xie xie. Thank you for thinking of Picture This for your production needs in China. We’ve been offering production services in China for the past several years through our Bejing office, also known as Jing Xian. Our office abroad provides crew and equipment, reducing the need for journalist visas and traveling with large camera equipment, both of which can create quite a hassle. With our local crew and equipment, we’re able make the production process in that country much easier to accomplish.

Over the past month, Jing Xian has been staying busy with a variety of productions. Recently, the producer of a Korean War documentary contacted Picture This to help him capture interviews from Chinese war veterans. Our Bejing based crew provided field producing, translation services, photography, lighting, audio, and transportation through both the cities of Bejing and Nanjing for the shoot. Equipment included a Sony EX1 camera package, audio kit and lighting kit. The client was very happy with the quality of service commenting, “[The DP] is taking extreme measures to light rooms well and capture pristine moments. [The fixer] seems to be helping me keep the costs down to remain within budget.”

Most recently, we completed a green screen shoot for another Portland based client. While we have a range of cameras to choose from, including the Sony Z1U, Panasonic HDX900, Sony F900 and more, this client also chose to shoot with the Sony EX1 camera. Again, we provided the crew and equipment for photography, lighting and audio services.

We continue to receive inquiries about our services in China and are happy to accommodate. Next time you need to shoot in China, think of Picture This and our Bejing office Jing Xian!