Wednesday, July 14, 2010

60 Foot star curtain

Our new star curtain comes in 6/10 foot panels. Twinkle, chase and blink effects as well as dimming and no camera strobing. All pieces lace together and are standard DMX controllable.

Also new in DMX 5 controllable LED par lights. Call for more info

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AJA Ki Pro, Transcoder, 422 recorder

Picture This Production Services and Stage Just in-The AJA Ki Pro is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files onto computer-friendly media. Because it features SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and analog inputs, you can interface with virtually any type of camera you might own or rent.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wireless Communication System

Picture This Productions Services is now offering a 5 Pack Wireless ClearCom System. With a range of up to 100' , it is self-contained in a single road case for easy packing. This system is perfect for any production where a Director has to communicate with roving shooters. The basestation is only $100 and is compatible with any number of wired ClearCom beltpacks available for $25 each.

Please call Picture This at 503-235-3456 with questions or to take it for a test drive.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sony NX5 packages Now Available.......

Just in at Picture This: Sony HXR-NX5U

Say good bye to tapes. The new Sony NX5U is the companies newest prosumer camera designed to take the place of its current HDV cameras. The NX5 is part of Sony's new line of NXCAM cameras, and just as HDV replaced miniDV, NXCAM is designed to replace HDV. The NX5 records 1080i 60i, 30P and 24P as well as 720P 60P all to SD cards or Memory Sticks. But it doesn't end there, the NX5 also comes equipped with the HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory recorder. This 128GB hard drive unit is capable of recording over 700 minuets of the cameras highest quality 1080i HD. With two 32GB SD cards and one 128GB Flash unit, you can record for 1,068 minuets or roughly 18 hours of Footage. Now thats just one way to shoot, you can also simultaneously record to both the flash unit and the the card media giving you a back up of your footage, or you can have a copy for you (flash memory) and a copy for the client(card media). Or you can shoot Standard Definition on one and High Definition on the other. You can even choose to have one media record with the button on the hand grip and the other media record with the button on the top handle. This camera system allows you to choose the work flow that works best for you and your clients. Oh I forgot to mention, it can over crank to 120FPS.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another successful show put to bed.

Another successful show put to bed.

Picture This just completed the ADP General Session for their presence at the National Automobile Dealers association in Orlando, FL. With a skeleton crew, we flew out to Orlando where I met up with a local team to set up for the show.The hotel was not able to get us into the room until midnight so we pulled an all-nighter. In the morning the Director took over the helm and lead a fresh crew through a marathon of rehearsals right up until showtime when I returned from my sleep to assist the crew with the show. Live events are known for their long and unusual hours but even still, I am rather proud of this one: 4am pacific time through 10:30 am the next day eastern time! After that, we headed over to the ADP booth at the convention center where we shot a short video to be sent out on webcast as an "Almost Live" broadcast. The sounds of power saws and people shouting and banging around in the background really helped put across the hive of activity as hundreds of people got ready to greet the public! Another Picture This Development on display was the iPhone display at the booth which demonstrated the new iPhone Dealer App. We also developed a web interface for auto app sign up, through our partners at Feedia .

Getting home just long enough to sneeze, Perry and the crew shot another webcast, much more extensive this time, and then turned right around and flew down to Southern California for another ADP event, Pacesetters. Talk about frequent flyer miles, PDX airport security greets him by name and it's NOT because his photo is posted by the xray machine. :)

All in all, it was a great success. The client seemed really pleased with the results. The local crew did great. We received many positive comments. While we were in Florida, we even had a chance to visit our Uncle Walt. I think he might just be your uncle too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR

Yes, It's here, Stills and full HD. come on in and check it out.
A Whole New Class of EOS.
With a host of brand new features designed to enhance every facet of the photographic process, from still images to video, the new EOS 7D represents a whole new class of camera.

Made to be the tool of choice for serious photographers and semi-professionals, the EOS 7D features an all-new 18.0 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor and Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors, capturing tremendous images at up to ISO 12800 and speeds of up to 8 fps. The EOS 7D has a new all cross-type 19-point AF system with improved AI Servo II AF subject tracking and user-selectable AF area selection modes for sharp focus no matter the situation. The EOS 7D's Intelligent Viewfinder, an entirely newly-designed technology, provides approximately 100% coverage and displays user-selected AF modes as well as a spot metering circle and on demand grid lines. New iFCL Metering with 63-zone dual-layer metering system uses both focus and color information to provide accurate exposure even in difficult lighting. The EOS 7D also captures Full HD video at 30p (29.97 fps), 24p (23.976 fps) and 25p with an array of manual controls, including manual exposure during movie shooting and ISO speed selection. The EOS 7D features a magnesium alloy body that is dust- and weather-resistant and shutter durability of up to 150,000 cycles. Compatible with over 60 EF and EF-S lenses as well as with EOS System accessories, the creative opportunities - not just with stills but also with video - are beyond amazement.


Monday, January 25, 2010

P+S Technik Pro35 Adapter

P+S Technik Pro35 Adapter.
The P+S Technik Pro35 Adapter is a perfect match for the Sony F800. This adapter can turn any 2/3" B4 mount camera into a PL mount camera. The Pro35 adapter coupled with our PL mount lens sets will give your film the depth of field you require.

Sony PDW-F1600

Sony PDW-F1600
Sony's companion deck to the F800. The F1600 is Sony's only XDCAM deck capable of playing back and recording natively in 23.98 frames a second. The deck is designed for both field and in house use, and incorporates a 4.3" LCD screen for recording/playback and Thumb nail view for clip preview and editing. The F1600 is designed for high speed transfer at approximately 220Mb/s, making it ideal for field and in house editing.

New Sony PDW-F800 available

Just in at Picture This:

-Sony PDW-F800 CineAlta XDCAM HD camera
-Sony PDW-F1600 CineAlta XDCAM HD Deck

Sony PDW-F800
Currently available for rental is Sony's newest and highly anticipated high definition camera, the PDW-F800. Capable of recording multiple formats, resolutions and frame rates, the new F800 is Sony's top of the line full size camera. The camera records the new XDCAM HD422 codec on to either a 23GB or 50GB XDCAM disc. XDCAM HD422 is capable of recording 1080P,1080i, and 720P at 23.98,29.97 and 59.94 frame rates at 1920/1080. The F800 is also Sony's first full size XDCAM HD camera capable of over/under cranking.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Histogram, Histogram, what art thou, O histogram

Read the Histogram

Because this image was overexposed, its tones are clustered on the right side of the histogram.

The key to correcting an image’s tone problems lies in understanding the histogram that appears at the top of the Adjust palette. The histogram is a bar chart that shows the distribution of tones in an image. Black is on the far left edge, white is on the right, and everything else is in between.

By learning to interpret what the histogram is telling you, you can take much of the guesswork out of correcting bad photos and discover ways to make good photos even better. Usually, you want photos with as broad a range of tones as you can get. Think about boxes of crayons: you can create a much more detailed image with 64 different crayons than you can with just eight. Likewise, if the bars in the histogram are crammed together in a narrow space, your image probably doesn’t have the resources it needs to depict subtle detail.

With a well-exposed image, the histogram’s bars will stretch across the full range of the graph. If your histogram’s bars are clumped on either the left or the right side, the image is probably underexposed (lacking good highlights) or overexposed (lacking good shadows), respectively. If the bars don’t stretch to either edge, then your image lacks contrast.

Reprinted by permssion of Ben Long:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Succesful Event!

I am glad to announce that another successful show is in the can. We recently descended into the depths of the waterfront marriott and navigated the most confusing elevator button labeling system ever devised by mankind to set up for a truly unique corporate awards ceremony. The show kicked off with a re-cut of MJ's "Thriller" edited and overdubbed with a Michael Jackson sound alike changing the lyrics to reflect the nature of Printer/Copier sales and service. Around the time the Vincent Price voiceover started, about a dozen professionally made up zombies ambled into the room and flopped onto the stage just in time to be reanimated into Jackson Backup dancers. The dancers were amazing! We put on a great light show, video was handled through HD projectors spraying widescreen 9x16' surfaces and the sound system really got to go through a workout.

If only all corporate events could be this fun.

At the event's conclusion, our crew came in loaded for bear because we had to get the whole show out the door in 90 minutes. We would usually expect a strike this size to tack 3-4 hours. everyone worked together like a finely tuned machine. Jonathan set to work re-setting the projectors and screens for the events banquet portion while I coordinated with the DJ to make all the pieces come together. The first show got broken down with twelve minutes to spare!
...The rhumors are true, Picture This is, in fact, awesome.

Monday, January 11, 2010

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