Thursday, October 1, 2009

Summer Features:

It's been a feature filled summer at Picture This. August brought "Train Master 2" a locally funded and crewed sequel to a film shot in 07'. PTPS was the vendor of choice for both grip and camera department. The film traveled to many rustic locations in the portland and SW Washington area. The equipment room provided multiple EX cameras, monitors, HD POV camera, jib, and the ever popular steadicam flyer. The grip department provided the 3-Ton grip truck fully loaded with a tungsten and HMI packages, dolly's and distribution.

September brought an independent feature produced by a local company "Exterior Films". The untitled drama will be shooting in the portland area and Picture This gear will be there. The Grip truck with full tungsten package will be on site. The EQ Room is providing the RED one and full Prime lens package for the durration of the film. PTPS has been working along side these films supporting them along the way.