Monday, March 15, 2010

Sony NX5 packages Now Available.......

Just in at Picture This: Sony HXR-NX5U

Say good bye to tapes. The new Sony NX5U is the companies newest prosumer camera designed to take the place of its current HDV cameras. The NX5 is part of Sony's new line of NXCAM cameras, and just as HDV replaced miniDV, NXCAM is designed to replace HDV. The NX5 records 1080i 60i, 30P and 24P as well as 720P 60P all to SD cards or Memory Sticks. But it doesn't end there, the NX5 also comes equipped with the HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory recorder. This 128GB hard drive unit is capable of recording over 700 minuets of the cameras highest quality 1080i HD. With two 32GB SD cards and one 128GB Flash unit, you can record for 1,068 minuets or roughly 18 hours of Footage. Now thats just one way to shoot, you can also simultaneously record to both the flash unit and the the card media giving you a back up of your footage, or you can have a copy for you (flash memory) and a copy for the client(card media). Or you can shoot Standard Definition on one and High Definition on the other. You can even choose to have one media record with the button on the hand grip and the other media record with the button on the top handle. This camera system allows you to choose the work flow that works best for you and your clients. Oh I forgot to mention, it can over crank to 120FPS.

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